New Video – Dancing & Book Unboxing | Greek Edition

Hello everybody! I hope you’re doing well! So, today I have a small unboxing for you! I’m gonna show you the four books I’ve recently got. You also may see me dance lol. Don’t worry, it is my usual reaction when I’m receiving my precious! No shame for that. The video is in Greek, but the books I’m showing you are in English. So yeah… I’m weird… perhaps… but who really cares? I just prefer reading books in English! Have you read any of those books? I’ll be waiting on your thoughts! Hope you’re gonna enjoy this one!



NEW VIDEO – Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag – 2018 | Greek Edition

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are doing well! Today, I’m gonna do the mid-year book freak out tag – 2018. I was tagged by my fellow Greek BookTuber Giorgos! The video is going to be in Greek since I was tagged by a Greek Booktuber, but next week I’m gonna post an interesting video in English. So, stay tuned! This week my channel reached 100+ subs and I just can’t express how greatefull I am! Thank you you so much!


NEW VIDEO – Confess by Colleen Hoover – Spoiler Free Review & Discussion | Greek Edition

Happy July everyone! I’m here today with a spoiler free review and a discussion section towards the end of the video with some spoilers (don’t worry, you’re gonna be warned when the spoilery review starts). The book we’re discussing today is “Confess” by Colleen Hoover.

I personally love her writing style, but I had some issues with the messages of this book. The review is in Greek, but my international friends are able to find an Enlish one on my blog “Through the Chapters”, by clicking here .

Have you read it? Did you like it? Have you read any books by CoHo? I’m very interested on your opinios. So, let’s chat!

I’ve made a BookTube Channel!

I was thinking about making a channel on YouTube where I could talk about books and finally I’ve decided to take action and actually do it. I knew that it won’t be easy, but, oh my God, it was more complicated than I thought. Hope that I’ll overcome all the barriers at the end ☺ Anyway, I’ve just uploaded a video, a Booktube newbie tag, where I introduce my channel to the world. I plan to make videos in English as well to improve the language and to connect with people all around the world. So, an English version to come soon! I’ll do my best to create a good and consistent content. Hope we’ll have some fun together, I had a lot during the filming 😋 Lots of love💚💚💚

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Here we go!!!