Supermarket Slave Labour

              The past decades the whole world has seen the rapid development of the global economy, which has brought a great deal of conveniences to the countries as well as the companies that perform in them (Old and Shafto, 1992). To be more specific, the global economy is the state of the economy that has introduced the concept of globalization (Robertson, 1992). Financial Times lexicon (2015) defines globalization as “the integration of economies, industries, markets, cultures and policy-making around the world”. To put it differently, globalization has facilitated the economy in many aspects. The free trade, free markets and the free movement of the capital illustrate this point (Weinstein, 2005).

Unfortunately, besides the positive aspects that could be used positively to improve the international economy, there are some people who prefer to take advantage of the phenomenon in order to maximize their wealth through the modern slave labor. Continue reading