Welcome to my site “Through The Chapters”. Here you will find book reviews and articles related to the books that I’m reading or any other issue that I feel the urge to discuss. Please note that English is not my first language (actually, it is my third one and hopefully not the last one), that’s why I am asking you to be lenient with my syntax and expression mistakes.

The most significant interest in my life are studying, learning new things, reading and exploring. I have decided to participate in this community in order to share my opinion about the books that I’m reading. You will also be able to find some articles associated with the books that I am reading or any other issue that I feel the need to discuss and support with the resent academic researches, which will be refered in Harvard style reference at the end of each article.

Some facts about me 

  1. My name is Evgnossia and I am currently living in Greece.
  2. I have recently finished my studies in Business & Marketing with a First Class Honours degree.15327655_10206209467915058_1627554705_n
  3. I have received the Dean’s Prize for Best BA (Honours) in Business Studies student.
  4. I just love reading motivational quotes about reading or life or love or anything deep that can change my view even for a few seconds.
  5. I love reading and writing since I was a child. During my studies, I did not have the chance and the time to read as much as I wanted, but I am convinced to start now, because it is never too late.
  6. My native language or mother tongue are Greek and Russian. I understand and speak a little bit of Ukrainian as well.
  7. According to the 16 Personalities test I am an INTJ or Architect type, and to say the truth it was a little bit creepy to get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who I am and why I do things the way I do. You can take the test here and find out about your personality here.
  8. I am in love with the UK and my dream is to go there in order to continue my studies. NOTE: did you know that the national animals of England, Scotland, and Wales are Lion, Unicorn and Dragon respectively? I mean, how you cannot be in love with those countries with all those mythical creatures as their national symbols?
  9. I recently found that I love Historical Fiction mostly about the Kings and Queens. They may not be historical accurate, still you can learn a few thing and then to dive deeper if you are truly intrigued by what you have read and learned through the book. I did not love history in school so much, but now I am obsessed and I am trying to feel all the gaps. And you know what? Personal research is far more efficient when it comes to learning.
  10. I still believe in kindness, morality, justice. I truly believe that every person has his/her individual journey and an exceptional purpose in his/her life.

My all times favourite books


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