Confess by Colleen Hoover | Review


Confess by Colleen Hoover
Pages: 306
Format: Paperback
Published: Atria Books
Publication Date :March 10th 2015


Auburn Reed is determined to rebuild her shattered life and she has no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to become deeply attracted to the studio’s enigmatic artist, Owen Gentry.

For once, Auburn takes a chance and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is hiding a huge secret. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything Auburn loves most, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it—but can she do it?


“Please don’t allow anyone to make you feel less than what you are.”

Never give up. Always keep fighting. Raise your voice. Stand up for yourself. Those are some popular motivational sayings or themes not only in our daily lives but also in the fictional worlds. No matter what fate makes us go through we just have to keep this in mind:

Life must go on

Even in the darkest of the times we have to find the strength, the courage, and the boldness to look straight at the malicious games of the life; to screw those games and the rules that life and the society is trying to enforce us and to set our own rules of life.

Being said that, were the behaviour of the main heroine, Auburn, providing us with this firm sense of decisiveness, boldness and predisposition to face the problems and to never give in the morbid situations that were following her since she was 15? Was she standing for her rights and for her need to love and be loved? Was she willing to keep fighting for Owen and for the “treasure” which has defined her life?

You want me to answer, don’t you? Well, I’ll be cruel here *evil look*. I’ll lead you to the answer throughout the review.

Firstly, let me tell you that the premise of the story was quite an intriguing one. Despite the clichés of the insta-love, the secrets of the past and the choices that our characters had to make, I still was drawn to the plot line. Besides, Colleen Hoover knows how to write addictive, amusing, believable and relatable stories.

Colleen’s writing style is the definition of a fast-paced read. Her conversational style motivates the reader to keep going just to learn what happens next. The scenes and the images were vividly described; it was like watching a movie. Moreover, the intrigues of the story along with the plot twists proved as prompts to turn the pages until the story was finished.

If you have this strange feeling that a big and bold “BUT” is coming your way, you’re totally right.

BUT, I didn’t engage with the characters of the story at all. To be more specific, Auburn’s spineless and passive behaviour made the rage boil in my veins. Even though, the hidden layers of the story unfold the reasons of such a behaviour, I do accept her motives only as excuses to hide from the reality and to wait the storm to calm down. I’m 100% negative on her decision to give in to people and situations, or even having the thought of accepting her role as a victim only for achieving one of the most important goals in her life. I haven’t been in her shoes of course, but this is a terrible example of morals and the inner strength that a woman has to be governed by.

Spoiler Alert:

Is this a good example for her son? On my humble opinion, she only manages to instill in the conscious of her son that the way Tray is behaving to her, is the only acceptable way a man should treat a woman.

BUT, I had this impression it was commonly accepted, that we don’t live during the Tudor dynasty, where women were the possessions of men. You know Auburn, women are no longer afraid to be sentenced to death and beheaded when they decide to be fearless, determined, ambitious and advocates for their rights.

BUT, I didn’t sympathize Owen as well. Although his story was touching and everything in the end made sense I wasn’t attracted by his individuality. He seemed to me as a selfish narcissist

“No one deserves you like I do.”

who was using women, prior Auburn of course *eyes rolling*, just for his own pleasure.

“I hope Auburn isn’t like Hannah [his ex-girlfriend]. There were so many things I didn’t like about her…Hannah disappointed me when she spoke, which is why we spent a lot of our time together not speaking.”

BUT, I don’t accept the morals and the messages this story sends. I can’t conceptualize the freedom Auburn had been given by her parents, and when she needed their support they just shake the problem off, as it was dust on their shoes. As soon as someone becomes a parent, it is his obligation to navigate their children, to show them the right way and to be near them in case of failure.

Generally speaking, if you want to feel accomplished and to boost your reading goal, you can give this book a try. In any instance I’m telling that it was one of the worst books I’ve read this year. Nevertheless, I cannot omit all the flaws of the story. I will definitely read the upcoming books of the author, since I know that after the story such as “It Ends With Us”, she can give us significant insights into moral, life, choices and what it means to be a woman.


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